We would LOVE to welcome you to the wondrous and extraordinary world of The House of Iridescence!


——–an art school drop out turned business graduate on a mission to bring light, love, and acceptance to the world through art & fashion. Consistently inspired by the world, and only mildly obsessed with pastels and Japanese fashion. The love of everything crafty established itself early on in my life. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to change the world with my designs; making a reality where everyone feels special. It just took me longer to get here than I had planned but I was having fun along the way 🙂 When I’m not in the shop, I enjoy traveling, making art, and dancing. 


——–traveling cat extraordinaire (she has been to 7 states!). 3 years young and frisky as heck. She works hard to ensure quality and love goes into everything we do. When she isn’t in the shop, she enjoys playing with household objects, being a shadow, and sleeping. 

What is The House of Iridescence?      

**A brand for those that shine brighter**

An all inclusive multiverse where all we want from you is to keep growing, have fun, and be your true self. Inside that multiverse you will find, a shop full of cuteness you never knew you needed! As well as a brand that wants to see the world grow and become a better place for everyone. A reality where no matter what you are, or define yourself as, you belong! 

Our dream is to be able to create happiness for everyone with our designs. Our goals are to find sustainable sources for our future designs and packaging to be able to make that dream come true!

.H.O.I. believes that by starting within our community, helping it to grow and become the best it can be, our world will be able to grow and heal as well. How do we plan on doing this? We use recycled materials and up-cycle clothing whenever possible. Our production is very small batch, as .H.O.I. is currently a one woman show (Ziggy can only supervise!). As well as contributing 10-15% of our monthly profits to where it is needed most! 

~Doing our best to create the reality we want to see ~



Join the magic,
Join the fun,
Become a part of .H.O.I. ‘s reality!